Browser Lockdown on Public-Computers

Unlock the Potential of Secure Kiosk Solutions with SiteKiosk Online

Elevate your self-service kiosks, public-access computers, and interactive displays to new heights with SiteKiosk Online, the ultimate kiosk software solution. Say goodbye to security concerns and embrace the power of browser lockdown and kiosk mode. Trusted by companies worldwide, SiteKiosk ensures seamless management and robust protection for HR kiosks, guest computers, and various publicly accessible devices.

Browser lockdown with SiteKiosk at Marriott Hotel Guest Computers

Self-service kiosks, public-access computers, and interactive displays require a browser lockdown solution besides other security features which SiteKiosk kiosk software provides. Many companies worldwide have chosen SiteKiosk to lock down and manage their HR kiosk, guest computers, and other publicly accessible devices.

Our solution also comes with an integrated content management system (CMS) that allows you to create engaging multi-media campaigns which can publish on your client machines right from the management console of your Cloud account. Your content will be securely displayed while SiteKiosk is running in browser lockdown mode.

Open a free 30-day trial account today. After you have opened a trial account you can download the client software onto your client computers and start managing and monitoring your remote computers and displays.

Engage Your Audience with Content Management and Browser Lockdown

With SiteKiosk Online, you not only benefit from rock-solid browser lockdown but also gain access to our integrated content management system (CMS). Seamlessly create captivating multimedia campaigns and effortlessly publish them to your client machines directly from the management console of your Cloud account. Rest assured that your content will be securely displayed while SiteKiosk runs in browser lockdown mode.

Unleash the Power of Customization

SiteKiosk is renowned for its out-of-the-box browser lockdown capabilities, but it doesn’t stop there. Our team of passionate engineers thrives on transforming unique kiosk visions into reality. Whether you need specialized features, tailored functions, or a fully customized solution, we’ve got you covered. Leverage our expertise gained from creating customized solutions for customers worldwide, and let us assist you in crafting a kiosk solution that exceeds your expectations. With SiteKiosk Online, the freedom and flexibility to design your own kiosk applications right from your browser are at your fingertips.

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The Path to Success Starts Here

Why settle for anything less when it comes to reducing costs, saving time, and increasing revenue with kiosk software? Contact us today to embark on your custom secure kiosk project. With over 25 years of experience in delivering secure kiosk solutions, we are committed to providing unique customer experiences that are easy to maintain and automate using SiteKiosk. Our team specializes in developing custom kiosk apps, designing captivating multimedia content, and seamlessly integrating your input devices and systems.

Unlock Your Potential with Custom Kiosk Solutions

With SiteKiosk Online, customization is key. Create your own kiosk apps and seamlessly integrate them with SiteKiosk. We are here to understand your requirements, offer expert advice, and provide unparalleled support throughout the development of your custom kiosk applications. From building management systems to HR systems that consolidate information from multiple apps, from gaming stations with unique hardware requirements to kiosk-specific prompts for seamless check-out processes, the possibilities are endless. Let us join forces with our partners to bring your vision to life.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your kiosk experience. Contact us today and let’s embark on a journey toward unparalleled customization, enhanced user experiences, and exceptional results with SiteKiosk Online.

25 years of experience with custom solutions for secure kiosks

SiteKiosk is well known as an excellent off-the-shelf secure kiosk software solution with browser lockdown but SiteKiosk is also highly customizable. Our engineers are passionate about creating easy-to-use solutions with features and functions unique to only your kiosk idea. If you have a unique kiosk vision that you are bringing to reality but don’t have all the pieces, we have helped to create customized solution for customers around the world and we would be happy to bring our experience to assist you too. We thrive on technical challenges that custom kiosk implementations present. SiteKiosk Online gives you the freedom and flexibility to design your own kiosk applications right from your browser. A truly unique customer-focused kiosk solution can require additional hardware and software that needs to be integrated to provide the user with a exceptional experience. We are here to work with you to create a kiosk solution that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Don’t compromise when it comes to reducing costs, saving time or increasing revenue with kiosk software. Call us today to get started with your custom secure kiosk project. We have over 25 years of experience with custom solutions for secure kiosks. We strive to create unique customer experiences that are easy to maintain and automate with SiteKiosk. We develop custom kiosk apps and design multi-media content to meet your requirements.

Customization lets you create your own kiosk apps and connect them to your input devices and other systems. You have the option to integrate your apps with SiteKiosk Online. We are happy to meet with your to discuss your requirements, provide advice and to support you along with our partners in developing custom kiosk applications, designing user interfaces and implementing your project. Custom kiosk projects include building management systems, human resources systems that integrate information from multiples apps, gaming stations with unique hardware requirements, kiosk specific prompts to guide kiosk users through check out process of an existing online store, fire containment solutions, integration of inventory management system with a product advisor kiosk and many many more.

Design and Concept 

We work together with your agency as the point of contact or arrange a design partner for you for the design of your hotel guest kiosk user interfaces and conceptualizing the kiosk interface process.  

Data Connection

We offer support in implementing the hotel guest kiosk system with your existing systems.  A connection to the booking system is possible via open interfaces in order to retrieve real-time guest data. The end product will be a secure kiosk that assists your customers smoothly with checking in, finding their way around town, ordering room service and much more.


By request, we can arrange certified hardware suppliers for services related to high-performance Point of Sale systems.