Citibank Online Banking Computers

Secure Banking and Financial Self-Service Kiosks

Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, wealth management companies, and other financial institutions have realized that many of the most common banking tasks don’t require hands-on help from a teller or representative. This is where secure banking and financial self-service kiosks step in to help.

By providing a diverse range of services in a single machine, banking self-service secure kiosks can create a greater number of touch points for your financial institution without the need to build costly new branches and infrastructure. You can reduce wait times by adding self service stations for customers who do not need or have the time to wait for the assistance of a representative to assist them.

Banking self-service kiosks and public-access computers secured by kiosk software let customers open new accounts, order replacement cards, confirm appointments with their personal banker, check account balances, review their investment portfolios, explore upgrades and perks and pay bills.

Customers can manage their accounts anytime, even outside banking hours, in a number of convenient locations. This is a win-win for customers, who gain flexibility and control, and banking associates, who can focus on more personalized services, like providing wealth management advice. According to a recent survey, more consumers are leaning toward self-service options over teller use.

Simple self-service scenarios based on readily available web apps can be easily configured with the off-the-shelf features of SiteKiosk but self-service is just one part of the finance and banking kiosk environment.  You can also set up more complex operations that require initialing and signing contracts so that a banker and customer can walk through the application process together.  The kiosk provides a streamlined environment that looks great and gives the customer confidence of what is happening throughout each step of the process.  This is a great option to sit down with the customer using a tablet or large touch screen and learn their requirements while building relationships for future services.

Depending on the requirements, the kiosk can also show the progress of the application process to let the customer know where they are and when they can expect to finish that part of the process.  The secure banking and financial self-service kiosk will also automate processes as much as possible and guide the customer through with kiosk specific prompts to ensure them each step is handled properly.  Even if you want to show an existing web page as part of your application process, you can scripting to your page to recognize when it is being access by SiteKiosk and show and prompts and user dialogs that will help the customer confidently complete the process. If you have custom requirements for a unique scenario, contact us today to find out how SiteKiosk can meet your requirements with a custom solution.