KIOSK Information Systems built Gaming Kiosks with SiteKiosk software for the U.S. Army

KIOSK Information Systems is a leader in design and manufacturing of kiosks. They use software products primarily from PROVISIO LLC to help design a full-solution internet and gaming kiosk for their clients. The Army’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation Program (ARMP) recently needed such a solution for their Internet and Gaming Kiosks.

The Challenge
The Army’s Recreation Machine Program has provided the Army’s MWR Department with gaming machines since 1994. In the recent past, ARMP had suffered declining revenues from their game portfolio. Working with KIOSK, ARMP sought to develop a new product that capitalized on the growing popularity of online gaming and a multi-function platform. The services and content sought on the new internet and gaming kiosk product include: high-speed internet browsing, e-mail, video e-mail, PC-based gaming with popular titles and multiple arenas for social gaming.

Zazoox Kiosk Software by SiteKiosk

The Solution
Working closely with Army officials, KIOSK went to work on a device that would provide a new caliber of entertainment options that met the needs of today’s soldiers. To help in developing a complete solution, KIOSK enlisted the help of PROVISIO. PROVISIO’s SiteKiosk software that also includes a comprehensive monitoring and management solution that provides a complete software package for kiosk manufacturers and users. “It’s an out-of-the-box software that opens up a lot of possibilities,” said PROVISIO CEO Heinz Horstmann.

He said a unique characteristic of SiteKiosk is its flexibility and acces-sibility. After downloading the software from PROVISIO’s website, users can immediately take the software’s kiosk operational template and make it their own. Since no technical knowledge is needed, SiteKiosk’s configuration takes little time. The software offers a simple and easy configuration tool to get your kiosk up and running. In addition, the software’s browser user interface can be redesigned and functionalities of the software be reprogrammed to serve the needs of each individual kiosk project. For instance, applications, browser buttons, corporate logos and other images can be integrated to suit the customer’s own branding purposes.

The Result
KIOSK Information Systems, with the help of PROVISIO’s software solutions, built a Multi-Player Online Internet and Gaming Kiosk for the Army’s Recreation Machine Program. The ARMP has seen a 100-percent increase in usage over its former machine portfolio, allowing the program to fund itself. In addition, the kiosk comes with a unique game licensing asset, secure applications and a high-end gaming experience that exceeds similar units on the market. There are more than 300 MPOG kiosks purchased deployed on Army bases across the globe.