Retail Displays & Interactive Product Advisor

Digital and interactive information displays guide customers to a purchase decision by answering customer’s questions and providing basic product demonstrations.

Retail Interactive Displays, like product advisors, can support customers in their decision-making process. This ranges from product selection in the aisle all the way to the point of sale. Similar to an online catalog, the kiosks provide information about all the goods from the retailer at that location and other locations as well as warehouse inventory. SiteKiosk offers the best interactive product advisor solution for the presentation of products and product comparisons.  Product advisor kiosks have proven success in retail such as supermarkets, show rooms, DIY stores, car dealerships, fashion stores, etc.

Enhance the shopping experience for your customers by providing comprehensive product information. Our state-of-the-art digital kiosk software offers interactive solutions that guide customers seamlessly towards making informed purchase decisions.

Unlock the Potential of the Product Advisor

Engage your target audience effectively using our interactive kiosk software, specifically designed to assist customers during their shopping journey. Similar to an online catalog, these kiosks provide detailed information on all your products, available both in-store and online. SiteKiosk offers the ultimate digital consulting solution, empowering retailers across various industries such as supermarkets, DIY stores, car dealerships, and fashion outlets. By guiding the customer through a product decision process, customers can swiftly locate their desired products and gain valuable insights using digital media such as PDFs, videos, and images. Additionally, the kiosks display supplementary information and showcase location or time-specific special offers.

Tailor-Made Options for Your Interactive Product Advisor Kiosk

Our interactive retail product advisor kiosk solution is ready to use, eliminating the need for complex customizations. However, we understand the importance of brand identity and flexibility. Hence, we offer the ability to customize the design, incorporate technical extensions, and establish connections to third-party systems, sensors, and input devices to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today for a quote to integrate your point of sale hardware.

Design and Concept 

We work together with your agency as the point of contact or arrange a design partner for you for the design of user interfaces and conceptualizing the kiosk interface process.  

Data Connection

We offer support in implementing the product advisor system with your existing systems.  A connection to the merchandise management system is possible via open interfaces in order to retrieve real-time data such as daily updated prices or availability of goods. The end product will be a secure kiosk that assists your customers smoothly toward a purchase decision.


By request, we can arrange certified hardware suppliers for services related to high-performance Point of Sale systems. 

Product Advisor Kiosk Design Decisions

The SiteKiosk solution for Retail Interactive Displays and Product Advisors in is ready to use off the shelf but a custom solution can provide valuable dynamic functionality to meet your goals.  Additional products available for the item can be displayed, as well as special offers based on time or location. With the help of simple filter functions, customers can quickly find their desired product and gain further insights via media such as videos, images or PDFs. Create conditional elements on your kiosks for specific times of the day, special events and promotions or sales.  Individual customizations to the corporate design, technical extensions to the kiosks functionality or connections to third-party systems can bring your customer’s the information they need to quickly make their purchase decision.