Self-Service Kiosks

Human Resources Kiosks are not available in many job places and employees do not always have computer access at work. HR kiosks are a cost-effective and efficient way for companies to connect with employees at the workplace and make existing resources more accessible. Vacation requests, travel expenses and time or work sheets can be recorded and processed electronically. Work instructions, safety regulations, work schedules and shift rosters as well as general employee information are uploaded to the company’s corporate Intranet and accessible through HR kiosks. Staff members can access and use all allowed resources on the corporate network by entering their password at the kiosks.

Retail kiosks are changing the way customers engage with your brand. With the increasing power of today’s technology, store owners can showcase a targeted range of goods to each customer, and banish out of stock situations. Self-service retail kiosks can also bridge the gap between the physical and virtual stores. Omni-channel experiences are now as simple as linking the cloud with brick and mortar – in effect introducing an endless shopping aisle. Customers can quickly locate, purchase and have their product shipped to them directly from your store, significantly increasing conversion. A consulting terminal offers customers an easy-to-use tool to review different products, solutions and their application. This will help customers to decide whether a particular product is suited to satisfy their needs and requirements.

Hotel Kiosks/Lobby PC provide guests the experience of a standard PC workstation in hotel lobbies and let them, for example, check in for their departure flight.
Even today, where the use of mobile Internet devices seems to have made traditional workstations obsolete, there is still a sizable demand for such additional services as printing boarding passes and other documents.
These machines also provide information about the hotel or surrounding area, the meeting schedule, and transportation options and show the latest news and weather forecasts.

Financial Kiosks help banks to increase the number of customers using their online banking solution. Our kiosk software, SiteKiosk, allows customers to access their accounts on a secure and privacy-protected terminal set up at their local branch, engaging the customer and encouraging them to use the solution at home on their computers.
The terminals also allow customers to easily pull up every detail of a product – from product information sheets all the way to contractual terms.

Healthcare Kiosks allows users to schedule appointments with healthcare providers, scan insurance forms and update personal information. Some healthcare kiosks include a biometric device to identify users, a webcam for document scanning, and a printer to print forms and other information.
Because of the sensitive information conveyed via the healthcare kiosks the kiosk software, SiteKiosk, is widely used to secure the devices, including preventing manipulation of the operating system, and to erase personal information and temporary files once a user completed their interaction. In addition, SiteKiosk’s Digital Signage functions provide a way to display marketing information via the screensaver when the kiosks weren’t being used.

Library Kiosks provide visitors with access to library catalogs and other information. The secure web browser built into the kiosk software, SiteKiosk, gives visitors quick and secure access to the library’s entire catalog.
Access to electronic media such as encyclopedias and public records are also possible thanks to terminals that are available to visitors. Complete privacy is ensured as browser history and user data are erased automatically at the end of each session.
Visitors can use public workstations to copy, print or send content via email. SiteKiosk can be configured as a service to be offered for a charge. SiteKiosk offers all features necessary to make using this service as efficient and effortless as possible.

Donation Kiosks have become very popular in recent years. As times change, people are less likely to be carrying cash. Because of this, churches, non-profits and other organizations need an economical way to accept credit card payments for donations. With SiteKiosk you can lock down any Windows computer or kiosk to a website that has an online payment option to make donations. SiteKiosk provides a secure environment as an out-of-the-box solution to protect the computer while your web designer can easily add an online payment form to your organization’s website.

Government Information Kiosks can be configured with our kiosk software, SiteKiosk, as a gateway providing access to the municipality’s website or HTML page In addition to limiting access to all others or a selected few websites. The software can also be used to allow the execution of specific applications. SiteKiosk provides reliable safeguards for the terminal in any situation and scenario. Depending on its equipment and technical configuration, a terminal like this can be set up in an outdoor location or as a fully loaded workstation inside the building. SiteKiosk delivers the necessary protection for the applications most commonly used in this sector and provides operators with a simple way to monitor their machines regardless of their location using the included SiteRemote remote management solution. SiteKiosk can be used as the foundation for your ADA-compliant public kiosk.  Not all citizens have access to computers or the Internet. To assist these citizens, administrators can set up public access terminals running SiteKiosk kiosk software and allowing their citizens to work with Office software and to access the Internet. These types of workstations are regularly found in job centers catering to the needs of citizens looking for employment or in town and city libraries. Apart from keeping each and every machine secure, the operators are mainly concerned with maintaining the privacy of the user.