Government Public Information Kiosks

Smart cities, municipalities, and other local governments upgrade their infrastructure to provide high-value services to citizens and visitors. These services include free Wi-Fi, public notifications, security alerts, kiosks, and other public computers.  These self-service government public information kiosks are available in public places like libraries, schools, or facilities run by government.  Accessibility is also a big consideration when rolling out a kiosk deployment.  SiteKiosk is compatible and has been tested with accessibility software like JAWS, Zoomtext and accessibility hardware. This lets you deploy a system that meets your accessibility specifications for any kiosk form factor.

Public computers share similar hardware and software components to personal computers but the role and function of a public access computer is entirely different. A public access computer is used by many different untrusted individuals throughout the course of the day. The computer must be locked down and secured against both intentional and unintentional abuse. Users will not have authority to install software or change settings. Our software protects and locks down public computers to prevent user tampering.  User information is also cleared after each session.  This gives them peace of mind that their information will remain private.

Design and Concept 

We work together with your agency as the point of contact or arrange a design partner for you for the design of user interfaces and conceptualizing the kiosk interface process.  

Data Connection

We offer support in implementing the public information kiosk with your existing systems.  In many cases, you can use existing website resources to offer this information which greatly reduces your deployment time line. The end product will be a secure kiosk that assists people with getting the information they need.


By request, we can arrange certified hardware suppliers for services related to high-performance accessibility compliant systems. 

Take control of your public information kiosks with SiteKiosk Online. Our powerful software ensures seamless operation, enhanced security, and effortless management. From city halls and court houses to public libraries, SiteKiosk Online is the trusted solution for delivering vital information to citizens.

Effortless Operation: With SiteKiosk Online, your government public information kiosks run smoothly, offering an intuitive user experience. Visitors can access important services, documents, and resources effortlessly, boosting their engagement and satisfaction.

Enhanced Security: Protect sensitive data and maintain user privacy with our robust security features. SiteKiosk Online provides a secure browsing environment, protecting against unauthorized access and potential threats. Rest easy knowing your kiosks are safeguarded.

Effortless Management: Streamline kiosk management across multiple locations with SiteKiosk Online’s centralized dashboard. Remotely monitor and update kiosk content, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. Easily customize branding and design to match your government’s identity.

Reliable Support: Our dedicated support team is here to assist you. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, we provide prompt assistance and expert guidance. Count on SiteKiosk Online to deliver a reliable and dependable solution for your government public information kiosks.

Maximize Citizen Engagement: Enable citizens to access important government services, announcements, and resources conveniently. With SiteKiosk Online, you can foster increased citizen engagement, improve transparency, and enhance the overall user experience.

Trust the Leader: SiteKiosk has been a trusted leader in kiosk software for over 20 years. Our experience and expertise ensure that your government public information kiosks are equipped with the best solution on the market.

Take your government public information kiosks to the next level with SiteKiosk Online. Experience effortless operation, enhanced security, and streamlined management. Empower citizens and elevate their engagement with the trusted solution. Request a demo or contact us today.