PROVISIO keeps Citibank online banking kiosks secured

Parabit Systems was hired by Citibank Group for a large online banking kiosk rollout. Citibank was launching a customer survey initiative, in which they wanted to gauge the satisfaction of their customers with the service provided. Citibank commissioned Parabit to build around 350 online banking kiosks that would provide surveys in their bank branches. After the customer finished his or her transaction, they would enter a code from their ATM or teller receipt into a Web-based survey program on the kiosk’s screen. The kiosks were designed to serve two main purposes: First, to profile the customer base and gather customer information for Citibank and second, to gather the survey results from the customers. Citibank planned on deploying the kiosks in many of its branches in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. For Parabit, the deployment was one of the largest in the company’s history. “Our company was used to manufacturing 30 kiosks at a time,” said Rob Leiponis, owner and president of Parabit. “During this deployment we cranked out 350 units in six weeks.”

The Challenge
Since the financial kiosks used a Web-based survey tool, they required extra security. With potential Web access, it isn’t uncommon for a computer-savvy user to navigate away from the survey Web site, thus opening the computer to viruses and other Internet threats. Citibank and Parabit required a high level of security to protect the customer data being entered into the machines. Also, Parabit wanted to protect Citibank from “computer vandalism,” the manipulation of the operating system and critical files or folders, causing the terminal to malfunction. They also required protection from user manipulation, such as altering the screen using keystroke combinations.

The Solution
Parabit and Citibank used PROVISIO’s SiteKiosk security software to “lock down” the terminals. SiteKiosk is specifically designed for protecting public-access terminals, particularly those allowing Web access. The software is frequently updated and is now on its ninth version. SiteKiosk software allows the user to secure their public-internet terminals and, in conjunction with the SiteRemote software, provides remote management functionality. SiteKiosk’s latest version also boasts compatibility with Windows.

The Result
Leiponis said the deployer has peace of mind knowing that their terminals are locked down by SiteKiosk. He can also rest easy knowing that the Parabit online banking kiosks are protected from computer vandalism and user manipulation. “We chose PROVISIO’s SiteKiosk because it had a competitive value,” Leiponis said. “SiteKiosk has great user ratings, lots of deployment experience, and the product has won many awards. We looked around at other software products and this was the best.”