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Browse some of our most frequently asked questions about SiteKiosk Online below.

What is SiteKiosk Online digital signage and kiosk software?

SiteKiosk is an online digital signage and kiosk software that provides a platform for creating and managing interactive kiosk systems and digital signage displays. The software enables businesses to create and customize interactive self-service content for their customers, including multimedia content such as web pages, videos, images, and audio. SiteKiosk also provides features such as remote management, content scheduling, and user analytics to help businesses optimize their kiosk and digital display systems. With SiteKiosk, businesses can create and manage a wide range of applications, including public and employee kiosks for self-service and digital signage displays, among others. SiteKiosk can be used in a variety of settings, including corporate office, federal, state and local government, retail stores, hotels, museums, and airports among others.

Is SiteKiosk Online digital signage and kiosk software secure?

SiteKiosk Online digital signage and kiosk software prioritizes security, with advanced features like a hardened browser and customizable security settings that offer several layers of protection for the operating system and you user’s privacy. This makes it a trustworthy option for businesses seeking to deploy interactive kiosks and digital displays while minimizing security risks to employees and the public.

How does SiteKiosk Online pricing work? Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?

SiteKiosk Online pricing works on an annual subscription basis, with pricing based on the number of devices you wish to manage with the software. Volume discounts are available.  For pricing transparency with SiteKiosk Online Cloud, support and updates are included in the pricing. There is also a free 30-day trial available for those who want to test the software before committing to a subscription. The pricing includes access to all SiteKiosk features, including interactive menu creation, digital signage, remote management, content scheduling, and analytics. Additional onboarding/training and comprehensive professional services are also available.

Can SiteKiosk Online digital signage and kiosk software be customized to fit my specific business needs?

Yes, SiteKiosk Online digital signage and kiosk software can be customized to fit your specific business needs. The software provides a wide range of customization options right out of the box, including the ability to create and edit interactive content, customize user interfaces, and configure security settings.  You can also use design tools you are already familiar with to create your digital signage and interactive interfaces. 

SiteKiosk Online also offers an API for additional customization, allowing you to streamline your workflow and improve efficiency. For example, you can build kiosks specific prompts and interactive into an existing web interface using the API and browser recognition. 

In addition, SiteKiosk Online offers custom development services, allowing you to have our team of developers create custom features and functionality to meet your unique business needs.

How is technical support provided for the kiosk software, and what level of support is included in the pricing?

SiteKiosk Online provides various levels of support to its customers depending on their specific needs and the type of plan they have purchased. Here are some of the support options available:

Email and Phone Support: SiteKiosk Online offers email support to all of its customers. You can contact their support team via email with any questions or concerns you may have. Phone support allows you to speak directly with a support technician to get your issues resolved quickly.

Online Help Center: SiteKiosk Online has an extensive online help center that includes articles, videos, and FAQs to help you troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

Extended Support and Managed Services: Extended support and professional services are available.  Contact us for more info. 

How is data stored and protected in SiteKiosk Online digital signage and kiosk software?

SiteKiosk Online digital signage and kiosk software prioritizes data protection by not storing or transmitting personally identifiable information and clearing browser cache, cookies, and browsing history after each user session. Data is stored in a secure cloud-based environment, with advanced security measures and encryption protocols ensuring unauthorized access is prevented. SiteKiosk Online can also be configured to delete downloaded files after each session, providing an extra layer of protection for you user’s privacy. Overall, SiteKiosk Online is a reliable choice for businesses seeking to protect user data on their interactive kiosks and digital displays.

How is the kiosk software tested and certified for compliance with industry standards, such as ADA, PCI DSS or HIPAA?

SiteKiosk Online is available for a multitude of use cases. Compliance with privacy and security frameworks rests solely on how you decided to configure the kiosk or digital signage. SiteKiosk can certainly be configured in a way that is compliant with standards like ADA, PCI DSS or HIPAA. In most cases, the complete kiosk solution including hardware and the SiteKiosk Online software must be evaluated as a whole when auditing for compliance. We are committed to ensuring that its software meets the highest standards of security and data protection, and that it is compliant with industry regulations and standards where applicable. If you have specific compliance requirements, you can contact SiteKiosk Online’s support team for more information on how the software can help you achieve compliance.

What are the benefits of using SiteKiosk Online digital signage and kiosk software?

SiteKiosk Online digital signage and kiosk software offers a range of benefits for businesses. These include the ability to create and customize interactive content for kiosks and digital displays, remotely manage devices from a central dashboard, and access detailed user analytics to optimize content and improve ROI. Advanced security features, including hardened browser and several layers of system security ensure devices are protected from unauthorized use. SiteKiosk’s scalability also allows businesses to add new devices and expand their network as their business grows. Overall, SiteKiosk Online provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to manage interactive kiosks and digital signage displays with advanced features for security, analytics, and customization.

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