SiteKiosk software secures and controls 2,000 product advisor kiosks at Goodyear Gemini stores

Saitech International Inc., a Toronto-based kiosk manufacturer, specializes in education and information kiosks, primarily in the automotive industry. The company utilizes SiteKiosk software to secure and manage 2,000 product advisor kiosks at Goodyear Gemini stores.

The Challenge
Saitech International has been involved with everything from traditional signage to digital and animated signage. However, the company recently has focused squarely on manufacturing and designing kiosks, primarily in the automotive space. Saitech’s mission is to create trust at the point of decision with quality education and information kiosks, said Roger van Maris, Saitech’s vice president.“ We are trying to bridge the gap between where on one side there (are) people with a high level of technology awareness, and on the other side there is the general public that doesn’t have that understanding or awareness,” van Maris said. “We want to educate consumers so they can make a confident decision and it builds the trust and credibility between the consumer and the retailer.”In addition, Saitech needed a software package that would allow it to remotely access and manage its more than 2,000 product advisor kiosk content and data systems.


Site Kiosk Software

The Solution
To obtain a comprehensive software solution, Saitech enlisted the help of PROVISIO. PROVISIO’s SiteKiosk software with its comprehensive monitoring and management solution provide a complete software package for kiosk manufacturers and users. “It’s an out-of-the-box software that opens up a lot of possibilities,” PROVISIO chief executive Heinz Horstmann said. SiteKiosk monitors and protects the operating system against manipulation by computer vandalism and hacking; secures system drives, folders and files from unauthorized access; protects the terminal against most viruses, trojans and destructive scripts; deactivates undesired function keys and critical key combinations; and deletes user data at the end of each session. Also, SiteKiosk monitors, manages and configures kiosk terminals from a remote location. The software provides near-constant communication between a SiteKiosk terminal and the server, even from behind firewalls. A terminal will establish a connection to the server at certain intervals and compare its data with the data stored on the server. While doing so, the terminal informs the server about its current status and receives new jobs from the server.

The Result
“We needed a stable, economical platform in which we could deliver content and data from our head office to each of these sites in a timely manner,” van Maris said. PROVISIO’s SiteKiosk software was placed on each of the 2,000 kiosks that Saitech rolled out through Goodyear’s Gemini full-service automotive centers. Saitech researched a host of software providers, but PROVISIO provided an easy, simple solution, van Maris said. “Provisio is best at customer service and incredibly flexible and interested in the success of our project,” he said.