Hotel Self-Service Kiosk & Digital Concierge

A hotel guest self-service kiosk in your lobby allows guests to skip the line for check-in, checkout and other services that you provide your guests with.  These services include room service, laundry, special assistance etc. This is especially useful during peak times when activity picks up  and lines tend to be longer. Automating these processes helps reduce labor costs.  This also frees up staff for higher-value, concierge-like tasks which reduce wait times for customers. Kiosks can also promote upgrades and extra services. Most importantly, guests will be more satisfied with the level of service you’re providing. Whether they’re using a kiosk or seeking one-on-one help from an employee.

Marriott Hotel Guest Computers

Elevate your hotel’s guest services to new heights with the introduction of our innovative self-service kiosk and digital concierge solution. By placing a self-service kiosk in your lobby, you can offer guests the convenience of skipping the line for check-in, checkout, and other essential services, such as room service, laundry requests, and special assistance. This becomes particularly invaluable during peak times when activity surges and queues tend to lengthen. By automating these processes, you not only streamline operations but also reduce labor costs, allowing your staff to focus on high-value, concierge-like tasks that enhance the overall guest experience and minimize wait times. Moreover, the kiosks serve as powerful marketing tools, promoting upgrades and additional services, ultimately leaving guests more satisfied with the level of service your hotel provides, whether they choose to utilize the kiosks or seek personalized assistance from your dedicated employees.

Hotel Guest Computers: A Seamless Guest Experience

Hotels leverage our self-service hotel guest kiosks and virtual concierge for a multitude of purposes, primarily to create a seamless and hassle-free guest experience. Kiosks can enable guests to submit special requests through your web portal, such as an early breakfast, ensuring their needs are met with utmost convenience. These intelligent devices also serve as reliable guides, assisting guests in navigating their way to their rooms, as well as highlighting on-site facilities, points of interest, and local attractions in close proximity.

Unleashing the Power of Virtual Concierges for Effective Marketing

Beyond enhancing the guest experience, our virtual concierges offer a wealth of marketing opportunities. They serve as effective platforms to drive bookings and reservations within the hotel, enabling guests to secure dining experiences with ease. Additionally, our hotel guest kiosks become a valuable tool for promoting on-site amenities and guest resources, making it effortlessly convenient for guests to book these services, effectively removing any barriers that may hinder their decision to indulge in these offerings. With our cloud-based kiosk software, your hotel can seize every opportunity to impress guests and maximize revenue generation.

Design and Concept 

We work together with your agency as the point of contact or arrange a design partner for you for the design of your hotel guest kiosk user interfaces and conceptualizing the kiosk interface process.  

Data Connection

We offer support in implementing the hotel guest kiosk system with your existing systems.  A connection to the booking system is possible via open interfaces in order to retrieve real-time guest data. The end product will be a secure kiosk that assists your customers smoothly with checking in, finding their way around town, ordering room service and much more.


By request, we can arrange certified hardware suppliers for services related to high-performance Point of Sale systems.