When a public kiosk is idle, it presents an opportunity to attract users to engage with the kiosk and inform them about how it can be used. An attract loop is a sequence of content that plays when the kiosk is not in use, such as images, videos, and text. By creating an engaging attract loop using SiteKiosk Online’s digital signage and kiosk software you can encourage users to engage with the kiosk and learn about its purpose. Here are some tips on how to create an effective attract loop that will capture users’ attention.

Define Your Target Audience and Goals

Before creating an attract loop, it’s important to define your target audience and goals. Who is your target audience, and what do you want them to know or do after interacting with the kiosk? These questions will guide the content and messaging of your attract loop. 

Use High-Quality Images and Videos

Using high-quality visuals is crucial for creating an engaging attract loop. Poor-quality images and videos can detract from the overall experience and make the content less appealing. Use clear, vibrant visuals that are relevant to your target audience and goals. Additionally, animations or motion graphics can add visual interest and make your content stand out.

Keep Text Short and Clear

Text can be a valuable addition to your attract loop, but keep in mind that users will only have a few seconds to read it. Keep your messaging short and clear, using easy-to-read fonts and colors that are legible against the background. This will not only help users quickly understand the purpose of the kiosk.

Check-in Kiosk

Use a Clear Call-to-Action

The purpose of your attract loop is to encourage users to engage with the kiosk. Including a clear call-to-action during the loop can help achieve this goal. For example, you might invite users to touch the screen to learn more or provide a QR code that directs them to additional information. This will not only help users know what to do next, but also provide an opportunity to engage with the kiosk user. 

Consider the Timing and Duration

The timing and duration of your attract loop are also important factors to consider. The loop should start automatically when the kiosk is idle and end just before the user interacts with the kiosk. SiteKiosk Online makes this easy to do by creating a Screensaver page. In SiteKiosk Online’s screensaver page, you can add sequences to loop through content  and also schedule contents for certain days of the week or times of day.  The duration of the loop should be long enough to capture the user’s attention but short enough to avoid boredom or annoyance. Aim for a loop length of 30-60 seconds. This will ensure that users have enough time to engage with the content without feeling overwhelmed.

Update the Content Regularly

To keep users engaged, it’s important to update the content of your attract loop regularly. This can include adding new images and videos or changing the messaging to reflect current events or promotions. SiteKiosk Online makes it easy to update your attract loop remotely, so you can make changes from anywhere. 

Monitor and Analyze Performance

Finally, it’s important to monitor and analyze the performance of your attract loop. Use SiteKiosk Online’s built-in analytics tools to track how many users engage with the kiosk after viewing different attract loop combinations. You can also use this data to identify any areas for improvement and adjust your attract loop accordingly. This will not only help improve the user experience, but also guide future design decisions.  

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